20 Apr 2011

Iseng sebelum tidur

I want to read my poem to you Papa, Please support me ..May I borrow your shoulder? Hikksss… (Sad mode on )

Ohhh no…. I’m really nervous! But I’ll Try…fighting!!

# Papa #
By Naylah Mahmudah Idris

When I was born, the first thing that I heard was your voice
Your adzan was caught by my ears in steady motion
Introducing me with my God
And hoping I will always have worship to My God
When my mother was still weak after bearing me
You rocked me in your arms
Put off my diapers with no disgust at all

You looked like the happiest man
Welcome me with full smile
You always take me care when my mother gets tired
At this time, I can stand and walk by my self
Because Papa never felt bored train me every day,
Thank you for being my Papa

What do you think about my poem Papa?

That was awesome …Good girl!!

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